Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seeing Like an Artist, part 2

Recently I shared this thought with my friends and followers on Instagram:

Spending time in close observation of an object in pursuit of a faithful drawing is a little like gazing into someone's eyes. Like a deepening compassion, I found my understanding of the form growing with every drawing I made of these origami peace cranes in different positions as birds in flight. 

Click through to Instagram to see two of the series in their final incarnation as miniature paintings. "Aloft #1" and "Aloft #2", each 6" x 6" acrylic painting on canvas.

One of those friends, who has been an inspiration to me in both art and motherhood since I met her when my oldest child was still a toddler, had this sweet observation to make:

"like gazing into someone's eyes... 
that's cuz the world is made of love when the eyes of the heart see it"

After the tragic events in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend it feels important to me to return to this idea of seeing the world through the eyes of the heart. In that spirit, I want to share with you the linocut art of Imprints of Love and artist/poet Valencia Wombone.

In her artist statement, Valencia writes:
"The images on our currency tell the stories of our white men ancestors who left legacies of domination, violence and occupation.  In response to this money story, I began to make linoleum block prints of ancestors who left legacies of love to be expanded upon in our lifetimes.  I used scavenged paper and materials to illuminate the universal availability of love currency.  Motivated by the life, struggles and triumphs of Sojourner Truth, I started divining an A-Z compendium of ancestors who have left their guiding legacies to the current movements of love and liberation in my own life."
                                                                                              -- Valencia Wombone

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