Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcome to PurposeWorks Studio

PurposeWorks Studio is home to my original works of visual art. It is also a landing place for my thoughts about art, writing, dance, connection, community, and service. This blog is a reflection on my personal growth as an artist, the way I define it.

artist  /ˈärtist/  noun:  anyone who yearns to express thought-idea-emotion in a passionate, intuitive, or even spiritual way

I start with the belief that each of us is born with an innate ability to express ourselves creatively even before we are verbal. The baby experiments with vocalizations; the toddler scribbles with gusto and instinctively sways to music; children imitate and act-out their imaginings. 

These expressions are biological imperatives.

Yet as adults - responsible grown-ups with lives that are serious business - so often these imperatives are tamped down, well-hidden, and long-forgotten. It can take effort to get out of our own way, to let that yearning drive for a while. But the result is that, for one moment or many, we show up as our unique, precious, and divine selves.

So welcome to PurposeWorks Studio, a place where I will show up, give way, and heed the siren call.

painting of abstract expressionist figure in red, pink, and blue watercolor
watercolor on paper
Julie Bazuzi (c)2016

when you hear the siren call
but fear forbids you from following,
there you find
your purpose

and once so seeing,
before you stretches
the freedom
to forge ahead

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