Monday, May 16, 2016

Siren Call

I know the idea of getting sucked into Pinterest is probably familiar to many of you, and I am not immune. I can spend hours browsing art in all kinds of media.

You know when you see a painting or a photograph and it feels like everything else in the world just stops for a moment? That lurch of emotion, that swoon if you will -- whether the piece inspires awe, pleasure, tranquility, curiosity, passion, rapture, or alarm, heartbreak, anger, grief -- is amazing to me.

It's a little like love at first sight.

And if you're like me, that lurch is followed by a dreamy, meditative state of wondering.

encaustic mixed media collage painting with portrait drawing, cloth, and shellac burn effect
Lost in Thought
encaustic collage on wood panel
12" x 12"
Julie Bazuzi (c)2016

"How did they get that texture?"
"What materials did they use?"
"How did they attach this piece to that piece?"
And finally, "I need to try that!"

There it is again. The siren call. And I'm itching to get back to my sketchbook, my pens, my paints.

I've started a Pinterest board for art that I love and art that influences the way I create and wish to create my own art. It's eclectic in media, ranging from painting to pottery to quilt to stained glass.

I've noticed that while graphic black and white dominates my Patterns and Tangles boardmy Art and Influences board definitely shows how much I am also drawn to color. This is so true of my own art explorations as well.

black and white illustration of calla lillies in ink on paper
Zen Lillies
ink on paper
Julie Bazuzi (c)2016

print of multiple abstract figures using gelatin monoprinting technique with acrylic paint
acrylic monoprint on paper
Julie Bazuzi (c)2016
Sometimes I come across an image that I love or that moves me and I want to do more than just bookmark it. I need to write about it and share it here, in hopes that maybe one more person will get a chance to feel something momentous just from seeing it too.

That happened one morning when I found the website for artist Oriol Angrill Jorda. In the Blendscapes series, the artist uses watercolor, graphite, and colored pencil to merge more than one subject and create something fantastic and magical. 

For example, in Scarf of Cloud, Jorda creates an incredibly beautiful and surreal  portrait of a woman where jagged mountains become her shoulders and the filmy clouds hovering around the peaks become a diaphanous scarf.

I am especially intrigued by the blend of portraiture and landscape into an image that dissolves the perception of being separate from the land we inhabit.

We are not just of this earth, we and this earth are one. We are not separate. My breath was your breath was made by that tree. The salts and minerals in my body are from those mountains, that sea, this rain. Tomorrow they will be in your body, or part of a raven, or in an apple. I want to embrace this connectedness in my life and I hope that one day I will be able to convey it in my own art.

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